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01 April / 31 October

Repair and maintenance


Happy Bike has a well-equipped workshop and a wide range of products from the most important brands in the bike world. Qualified personnel guarantee a fast and professional assistance for the repair and maintenance of your bike.

Check-up: The correct maintenance of the bike is fundamental for its proper functioning, whether it is cheap or expensive. Whether used for work or extreme sporting use, it is a mechanical means of wear. For MTBs subject to high stresses, a periodic check is even more important for your safety: the tires deflate, the brakes wear out, the spokes and screws become loose, the brake cables rust, the chain is extended consequently the crowns and pinions wear out.

Before leaving: check your bike and remember to have an emergency kit. In addition to an inner tube and a pump, make sure you have the tools and components needed to perform a repair. Knowing how to manage can avoid unpleasant experiences, especially in the mountains. For advice you can contact our qualified staff.