Open every day from 08:30 to 19:00

01 April / 31 October

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the shop open?

Our shop is open from 1 April until 31 October, except on heavy rainy days in low season

What are your working hours? Do you close at lunch time?

Every day including sundays from 8.30 AM until 7 PM . No lunch break.

Do you have a parking?

The closest free parking is situated at 150 meter. We have no private parking in front of the shop

How do I book a bicycle?

  1. Write us an email in the language of your choice, we speak fluently italian, english, german, dutch and french with with the following information:
    • a) Type of bicycle (city bike, MTB, eBike)
    • b) Date you want your bicycle
    • c) Your sizes in cm. of all riders (to determine the size of the frame)
  2. You will get the instructions to make the payment of the total amount
  3. Transfer the money and send the copy of the payment by email
  4. You will receive confirmation of booking only after receipt of the copy of the bank transfer
  5. You can come to pick up your bicycle anytime on the reserved day. Your bicycle is booked and we keep it until the end of your reservation
  6. Do not forget to come with your ID card and only for PRO FULL MTB and eBikes your VISA/MASTERCARD (prepaid credit cards are not accepted)

Is it possible to rent an ebike for a child?

We have eBike Kids MTB 24 'available and, based on the ability and build of the child, it will be at our discretion to evaluate the suitability for rental. For a guarantee of safety and responsibility, the eBikes will be delivered to children under 18 only if it is guaranteed the presence of the parent or person in charge of the child throughout the rental period.

What do you ask as deposit?

For the rental of all bicycles, a personal document is required as deposit. For eBikes and MTB PRO FULL, a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card is also required (prepaid credit cards are not accepted)

Can I book half day (4 hours) bicycle rental?

For our organisation we only accept full day reservations, but you are welcome any time in the shop for the 4 hours

Do you deliver bicycles?

Yes we do, but only for muscle bikes. Ask in advance your special request to arrange drop off and pick up time. The cost of the service will be calculated based on the distance and number of bikes required.

Can I return my rented bicycle in another place?

No, this is not normally possible. In case of special requests it is possible to organize the service with ample notice. The service is not available for eBike

Is it possible to change the date of my reservation?

Yes, if the request is made in time by email and based on availability

Do you refund a reservation?

Please refer to the "Cancellations and Refunds" section of our General Conditions

Are the bicycles coming with locks?

Yes, all bicycles are equipped with a lock, for which a cash deposit is required:

  • € 10 for normal lock
  • € 40 for lock with alarm

Where can I park my bicycle at night?

Most of hotels and appartments provide a safe bicycle locker. If you don't feel confortable to leave it there, you can always bring your bicycle at the shop before closing time at 7 PM and we keep it for you until the next day (opening time 8.30 AM)

Do you give assistance if my bicycle has a mechanical problem?

We assist you with a motorbike, somewhere on the closest road and with a minimum of 1 km and a maximum of 30 km. This service has exeptions. We do not go offroad, so you will have to walk until the 1st street. We do not go in the direction of Limone or Malcesine. The narrow road is too dangerous and there is no space to give assistance. The service and mechanic time is free, you are only responsible for the damages that you have caused. In case of request for assistance for MTB drilling with a repair kit, € 20 will be charged for the service

Do you give assistance in case of an accident?

No, in case of injury we are not authorized to provide assistance. You must contact the Emergency Room at number 112. We will organize the collection of the bicycle. The cost will be defined based on the distance and the place.

Are helmets mandatory in Italy?

At the moment there is no law that obliges the cyclist to wear a helmet, but we suggest (we would like to impose it but we can not) to wear it at least on dirt tracks. We have helmets available for hire.

Do you have special click pedals on your bikes?

All eMTB and PRO MTB are equipped with SPD Shimano pedals on one side

Do you rent bicycle shoes?

For hygiene, we do not rent bicycle shoes. We have at your disposal helmet and backpacks for rent

Do you rent second battery for ebike?

No, we do not have spare batteries for eBikes available

Do you rent race bikes?

No, we do not rent race bikes

Do you organise guided tours?

Yes, we organise private tours only

Can I book a guide without renting a bike and use my own bicycle?

Yes everybody can come with his own bicycle.

If you use your private bicycle on tour:

  • make sure that your bicycle is in good condition
  • make sure your brakes are checked before going in the mountains

We have at your disposal a mechanic in the shop if you need revision

Do you have maps with bicycle routes?

Yes, we have detailed maps of the entire area for sale.

Is it possible to go to Malcesine or to Limone by bike?

Between Riva-Limone the new 2.5 km cycle path has recently been opened and can be reached by following a busy stretch of road for 5 km. Between Torbole and Malcesine there are no cycle paths. You will have to ride on the busy road. We do not recommend the 2 routes in the high season.

Is the via Ponale suitable for a child/teenager?

It all depends about the child experience in MTB. The via Ponale is a mountain bike off-road with stones and sand along the cliff. If the child is comfortable with a MTB, he could travel this wonderful route.. For safety, it is better to use MTBs with wheels not smaller than 24"

Can I ride the via Ponale with your trailer?

No, with our trailers it is not possible because they are not equipped with suspensions. The street is narrow and is very busy. We have MTB available with a seat

Do you sell your bikes at the end of the season?

Yes, the bicycles can be reserved in advance and will be given out at the end of September. For more information about conditions, guarantee and prices, please call +39/347 9431208 (between 1 April and 31 October)